COMMUNITY:  Personal Testimony of AVP Participant:  "As a child, I knew why I had been rebelling all these years, always wanting control and  doing dumb things that hurt others which left me lonely.  Now from doing the AVP program,  I'm coming to respect  myself and  others in turn, are respecting me.


 SCHOOLS: Schools in Southern Ontario where AVP was introduced, reported a lessened incidence of schoolyard bullying.


Public School Principal Speaks: "I invited the AVP group to my school to run a five day program for Grade 4 students.s

The program was wll received by staff, students and parents. The lessons were structured and carried out by a team of dedicated volunteers who had a solid grasp of the factors surrounding the issue of violence. Students experienced "hands-on" activities which led them to an understanding of the roots of violence within themselves. The students were equipped with strategies for self-expression in defusing potentially violent situations.

 I whole heartedly recommend this  program AVP for any school seeking to make a difference in the lives of students."


Yours in Education

Joann Gilewski


PRISONS:  Prisons have found that 7 out of 10 AVP Workshop Graduates, who completed two program levels while incarcerated, remained on the outside, after release, for at least  3 years


Prison Chaplain Speaks:  "AVP is not a lecture program but totally interactive. It allows for the flexibility of dealing with  very deep emotional issues and balancing that with "light and lively" moments  that allow the participant to remain focused on the work that needs to be done.


The group takes on a life of it's own, with the opportunity for participants to create relationships that otherwise would have nver been formed; moreover the opportunity for participants to see others in a very different, and often more respectful way.


Many women have commented over and over again, how powerful the weekend has been, and how they have obtained  new insights into their behaviours and thinking.


An AVP Weekend is is rewarding, exhausting and fun. I am always overwhelmed with the depth of commitment of the AVP volunteer Team and their passion for AVP and the changes it can initiate."  Rosemary Redshaw,  former Chaplain, Grand Valley Institution




" Over the past several years, I have interviewed many people serving time who have completed the AVP program. I cannot overstate the importance of such a program in our prison system. Many men  do not have the knowledge or tools to address the violence and this program empowers them to do so. I believe this program has helped many people to confront violence and  enables people serving time to transform this violence into creative energy. I believe it needs to be accessible to all. via community and/or corporate support."


 Respectfully submitted,

 M. Watt, Full -time Member

 Ontario Board of Parole, Western Region





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